US-Israel Digital Forum

US-Israel Digital Forum

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Monday, June 26th, 2023


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The US-Israel Digital Forum is co-hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Israeli Hi-Tech Association, and Israeli Manufacturers Association and will explore the areas and opportunities for expanded U.S.-Israel partnerships in emerging digital technologies, including AI, quantum computing, and health, while emphasizing the importance of strong cybersecurity measures.


The event will provide a platform for participants to discuss the various dimensions of collaboration between the United States and Israel in the digital technology sector. We will explore successful joint initiatives, policy considerations, regulatory frameworks, and the pivotal role of cybersecurity in ensuring the continued growth and security of these partnerships.

1. The potential for U.S.-Israeli Innovation in emerging digital technologies

2. Legal and regulatory frameworks supporting next generation technology cooperation

3. How the U.S. and Israel can work together to create a safer and more secure digital ecosystem


The forum will conclude with a networking cocktail reception with the Chamber's business delegation to Cyber Week and other participants at this forum.


Microsoft Campus, Herzliyah
Alan Turing 3
Herzliyah, Israel

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Welcome & Introduction

Alon Haimovich, Israel Country Manager, Microsoft
Josh Kram, Vice President, International Strategy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Ron Tomer, President, Israel Manufacturers Association


Keynote Addresses: US and Israeli Government Perspectives

USG – Liesyl Franz, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Cyberspace Security, U.S. Department of State (invited)
GOI – Ohad Cohen, Head of Foreign Trade Administration, Ministry of Economy and Industry


Panel 1: Growing US-Israeli partnerships in cutting-edge digital technology

This panel will explore the areas/examples of partnerships in emerging digital technology such as AI, quantum computing, and health while ensuring strong cybersecurity.
Yael Fuchs-Shlomai, PhD, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, Medtronic
Matthew Bohne, VP and Chief Product Security Officer, Honeywell
Zvi Maron, PhD, CEO, BATM
Mati Gill, CEO, AION Labs
Moderator: Shlomi Kofman, Vice President, VP and Head of International Division, Israel Innovation Authority


Coffee Break


Panel 2: Legal and regulatory frameworks supporting innovation and cooperation in the digital economy

This panel will examine the legal and regulatory frameworks to support U.S.-Israeli trade and innovation, promote cross-border data flows, and support strong cybersecurity collaboration.
Reuven Eidelman, Head of Legal Department, Israel Privacy Protection Authority
Dan Or-Hof, Owner, Or-Hof Technology and IP Law
Danit Leybovich-Shati, Founder, Alpha Forensics Digital Evidence
Ari Ness, Policy Advisor, Global Data Policy, U.S. Department of Commerce
Moderator: Niva Elkin-Koren, Professor of Law, Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, Academic Director of the Chief Justice Meir Shamgar Center for Digital Law and Innovation


Panel 3: Promoting bilateral cooperation at intersection of cybersecurity and AI

This panel will examine the trends in both countries to develop and use AI in cybersecurity, identify areas of mutual interest and potential frameworks for greater cooperation between the two countries along with recommendations for bilateral cooperation on responsible AI/cyber research & development, knowledge sharing, standards development, and the promotion of flexible risk-based approaches to AI regulations and other governance related issues.
William Bartholomew, Director of Security Strategy, Microsoft
Lior Frenkel, CEO, Waterfall Security
Miri Ofir, R&D Director, Check Point Software Technologies
Moderator: Cedric Sabbah, Director, Emerging Technologies, Office of the Deputy Attorney General, Ministry of Justice


Summary and Next Steps

Hila Hubsch, Head of Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft Israel
Maya Schwartz, CEO, High Tech Association
Josh Kram, Vice President, International Strategy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Cocktail Reception