Transportation Cybersecurity Summit

Transportation Cybersecurity Summit

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Thursday, June 29th, 2023


- Senate Building(Jaglom Auditorium)



In recent years, all types of transportation, on land, air and sea have undergone a significant technological revolution, becoming more connected and autonomous. These changes improve user-experience, efficiency and performance, but also expose transportation systems to malicious cyber-attacks.

Manufacturers, suppliers, system integrators, vehicle fleet operators, government authorities, and other stakeholders in the transportation domain, must make sure that their products and systems are cyber-safe.

During Cyber Week 2023, the Israel National Cyber Directorate, Israel Ministry of Transportation and CyITS will hold this event focused on Transportation Cybersecurity.





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Opening Remarks

Eliav Noori , Director, Civil Sectors & Critical Infrastructure Defense Center , Israeli National Cyber Directorate (INCD)


Transportation Sector Cyber Threat Landscape

Adam Meyers , Head of Intelligence , CrowdStrike


Security and Safety in the Era of Autonomous Cars

Dr. Ben Nassi , Postdoctoral researcher , Cornell Tech


Panel: Automotive Cybersecurity

Moderator - Hemi Pecker , Senior Director , Cyber Warfare-AI in Smart Mobility & Intelligent Systems

Urit Lanzet , Chief Technology Strategy Officer , CYMOTIVE

Ronen Smoly , CEO , Argus Cyber Security

Shaya Feedman , Head of Information Security and IT , Porsche Digital

Neta Lempert , CEO , Enigmatos


CyITS - National Cyber Security Research & Testing Institute for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Ami Braun , CTO, Cyber Division, ELTA , CTO, National Cyber Center for Smart Transportation & Intelligent Systems (CyITS)


Coffee break


What Most Get Wrong About Managing OT Cybersecurity

Shao Fei Huang , Group Chief Information Security Officer , SMRT Corporation


Under the Hood of Rail Tech Security: Exploring the Architecture and Risks of Digital Rail Systems

Miki Shifman , CTO and Co-Founder , Cylus


Panel: Rail Cybersecurity

Moderator - Miki Shifman , CTO and Co-Founder , Cylus

Dimitri van Zantvliet , Cybersecurity Director/CISO , Dutch Railways

Eddy Thesee , Vice President Products & Solutions Cybersecurity , Alstom

Asaf Gal , Director, Head of Cybersecurity & SCADA , NTA

Mark Conrad , Assistant Vice President , Amtrak ; Deputy Chief Information Security Officer


U.S. Transportation Sector Cybersecurity

Cordell Schachter , Chief Information Officer , U.S. Department of Transportation


Aviation Cybersecurity 101: How to implement cybersecurity measures in a complex industry

Avi Tenenbaum , CEO , Cyviation


Flying in the face of predictive analytics - Making sense of the data swamp

Chris Roberts , CISO, Senior Director , Boom Supersonic


Cyber Warning Light - Takeaways from a Pilot Cyber Training Experiment

Tamir Goren , Director, Strategic Programs , Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD)


Panel: How Are Operators Gearing Up for the New Cyber Regulation?

Moderator - Tamir Goren , Director, Strategic Programs , Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD)

Wes Chan , Chief Information Security Officer , Air Canada

Tsofit Shachar , VP Cyber Strategy , Cybecs ; Former CISO , Elbit

Roni Tidhar , Head of Cyber Security & Int'l Consulting Services , Israel Airports Authority


Closing remarks


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