Targeting the Ransomware Kill Chain

Targeting the Ransomware Kill Chain

Conference | English

Monday, June 26th, 2023


- Coller/Recanati(Leon Auditorium)


Ransomware has become an increasingly prevalent global threat, with estimations of an attack on a business every 11 seconds. The consequences are extensive ranging from financial losses, disruption of services, distribution of malware, damage to critical infrastructures, and psychological effects on victims, particularly when sensitive or personal data is lost or stolen.

Nonetheless, advanced cyber economies have united against that threat, in a partnerships-based effort, to enhance market resilience against ransomware campaigns and disrupt ransomware operations, while focusing on threat actors, their supportive infrastructures and their illicit proceeds.

The Cyber Week 2023 event will facilitate a conference, hosted by Israel National Cyber Directorate and Israel National Police in which stakeholders from law enforcement and cyber defense communities, as well as regulators and members of the cybersecurity industry, to discuss essential frameworks, best practices and partnerships, which are essential for targeting the ransomware kill chain.




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Risk assessment and focusing on the right link in the killchain

Moderator - Gilad Banet , Seconded Chief Superintendent , Israel National Police's Cyber Division

Michael DeBolt , Chief Intelligence Officer , Intel 471

John Fokker , Head of Threat Intelligence , Trellix

Steve Forbes , Head of Innovation & Product , Nominet


Law enforcement and cybersecurity engagement

Moderator - Tom Alexandrovich , Executive Director of the Active Cyber Defense Division , INCD

Craig Jones , Cybercrime Director , INTERPOL


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Ransomware as a financial crime

Moderator - Dr. Shlomit Wagman , Former Chair of Israel Anti-Money Laundering Authority , Harvard University

Pamela A. Clegg , Vice President of Crypto Investigations and Risk for CipherTrace , Mastercard

Rahav Shalom-Revivo , Head of Financial-Cyber Innovation and International Engagements , Ministry of Finance

Liat Kilner , Head of enforcement department, Chief superintendent , INP

Amit Levin , Former head of the economic department in the Cyber Department of the State Attorney's Office , State of Israel

Elad Wieder , Head of the International Department , Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority