Red Alert - Europe Israel Cyber Security Summit

Red Alert - Europe Israel Cyber Security Summit

Conference | Roundtable | English

Thursday, June 29th, 2023


- TAU (Building/hall TBD)



Why attend:

Gain insights from leading Israeli experts on latest State-level threats & trends in cyber security. Collaborate with Israeli & European experts to build a more resilient and secure future.


With the increase of cybercrime, rise in social protests and the war in the Ukraine being the first conventional war with a cyber battlefield, Europe is required to increase efforts in protecting itself in cyber space.

The capabilities & skills needed are on state level defense, resilience, and creation of deterrence by developing offensive capabilities on the EU level as well as at country level.

The Summit is designed to jointly explore how this can be achieved together with lessons learned from Israel.

Agenda will include talks, panels & round tables.

Full Agenda will be published 1-2 weeks before the Summit.


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