FraudCON In-person

FraudCON In-person

Conference | Closed Event | English

Monday, June 26th, 2023


- Coller/Recanati(Leon Auditorium)


ln the midst of global and local turmoil, Fraudcon in-person track offers once again an opportunity for the fraud fighting community to stay stronger together. 2023 will focus on the exchange of methodologies, application of ML to risk and fraud business challenges, bridging between research and mitigation, empowerment of teams through tools and education. Some of the most experienced leaders in the industry will be joining us this year to share best practices and career journey tales, with stories of inspiration, relocation and dedication.

Registration change!
Please note that this year, in order to sign up for Fraudcon, a prior registration to Cyber Week is required.

Please follow this link to set up your Cyber Week registration.

This event is for approved attendees only. Applications will open soon



Gathering and Registration


Opening Remarks

Gilit Saporta , Sr. Director of Fraud Analytics , DoubleVerify


Keynote Talk: Reflecting on the Path to Leadership in Risk Management: A Fraud Fighter Career Journey

Angeli Jain , Trust & Safety Leader and Director of Product Management , YouTube


Panel: Machine Learning in Fraud Prevention

Dr. Gali Ellenblum , Safe Browsing Manager , Google

Iftah Gideoni , Former CTO , Forter

Dor Bank , Data Science Team Lead , Justt


Coffee Break


How to Say "Yes" without Feeling Guilty: Approving Payments as a Guiding Policy

Asa Zaidman , Product Lead - Risk and Compliance , Wix


What does Vision and Language processing have to do with financial data?

Hadar Rosenwald , Head of Data Science , Sunbit


Coffee Break


Customer identification in a post Covid world

Hen Pekar , Director of Fraud Risk Analytics , Bluevine


Panel - TBA


Lightning Talks


Fortifying Defenses, Unleashing Synergy: Empowering Fraud and Cybersecurity Teams to Safeguard Financial, E-commerce, and Technology Enterprises

Raz Kotler , Director of Cyber Security Oversight , PayPal


Gift Cards-as-a-Currency: Fraudsters' Payment Method of Choice in Dark Web Forums and Marketplaces

Daniel Shkedi , Head of Product Marketing , Identiq


Closing Remarks

Gilit Saporta , Sr. Director of Fraud Analytics , DoubleVerify

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