Equal Opportunities, Diversity & Inclusion via Cyber & Tech Education Panel

Equal Opportunities, Diversity & Inclusion via Cyber & Tech Education Panel

Conference | Roundtable | English

Tuesday, June 27th, 2023


- Lorry Lokey Bldg.-Orgler Auditorium



With the growing opportunities that the cyberspace offers on one hand, and the rise of cyber threats on the other, there is a world-wide shortage of capable and experienced human capital.

One way to address this challenge is by encouraging diversity and inclusion, which alongside of expanding human capital, can also contribute to enhance equal opportunities and strengthen national social stamina.

The challenge faced by various players globally is how to strategically and practically address this issue.

Moreover, it is inevitable that effective effort should require a multi stakeholder approach involving collaboration between government, industry, philanthropy, academia, and other sectors.

The Panel members will attempt to tackle this challenge and reflect ideas and actions taken in recent years in Israel and other countries, and try to address the following


1. "From cradle to career" - what are the key concepts and principles from a national perspective, to address the human capital gap through diversity?

2. Is a multi-stakeholder approach necessary to ensure effective operation and results?

3. Describe various case studies – what where the key factors to success?

Panel Members:

1. Orit Tatarsky, Director, Capacity Building Center, INCD – Also Panel Moderator

2. Sagy Bar, Founder and General Manager, Cyber Education Center (Rashi Foundation)

3. LTC.U, Unit 8200, head of "Eco 8200" Program

4. Daniela Ort (teacher-soldier in 'Gsharim')

5. Noa Givon, Government Affairs & Corporate Responsibility Manager, Microsoft 





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