Embracing the Quantum Computing Revolution: Unleashing the Opportunities for Cybersecurity

Embracing the Quantum Computing Revolution: Unleashing the Opportunities for Cybersecurity

Conference | English

Wednesday, June 28th, 2023


- Senate Building(Jaglom Auditorium)



Join leading experts from academia, government, and industry as they unveil the groundbreaking advancements of quantum computing in the realm of cybersecurity. This enlightening event will emphasize the myriad opportunities that quantum computing presents, focusing on its benefits rather than the challenges. From a national perspective to security-by-design principles for products, discover how quantum computing augments cybersecurity and unlocks new frontiers. Gain insights into specific use cases that highlight the added value of quantum computing, today as well as for the future. Moreover, delve into the realm of post-quantum cryptography, a crucial domain in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. Don't miss a tutorial on post-quantum cryptography (PQC) designed specifically for cybersecurity experts, unraveling the concept of post-quantum cryptography in an accessible manner.




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Moderator Opening Remarks

Simon Fried , VP Business Development & Marketing , Classiq


Post-Quantum Cryptography


The Basics of Post-Quantum Cryptography

Omri Shmueli , PhD Candidate in Computer Science , Tel Aviv University


Post-Quantum Cryptography Standardization

Anamaria Costache , Associate Professor , NTNU


Quantum security-by-design


View from the front seat: How quantum is shaping cybersecurity today

Matthew Bohne , Vice President , Honeywell Corporation ; Chief Product Security Officer

Duncan Jones , Head of Cybersecurity , Quantinuum


Beyond Quantum Threats - Embracing Security-by-Design and Security-by-Default

Yuval Sinay , Head of Active Cyber Defense (ACD) Department , Israeli National Cyber Directorate (INCD)


Coffee break


A Special Focus on Telecoms & Networking


The Telco Path to the Quantum Era

Ido Shargill , Director of Product & Technology , AT&T


The future is here - Quantum computing for Cyber Security

Hila Meller , Managing Director at BT Security , Chair of Cyber Committee, Israel Britain Chamber of Commerce


A National Approach for Quantum Readiness : Paving the path to a quantum safe future.

Jaya Baloo , Chief Security Officer , Rapid7

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