Cybersecurity Regulation in the Age of AI

From Dilemmas to Practical Solutions

Cybersecurity Regulation in the Age of AI

Conference | Roundtable | Closed Event | English

Monday, June 26th, 2023


- Administration Building(Room 308)



With the rise of AI-powered cybersecurity tools and techniques, there is a growing concern that malicious actors could use these tools to carry out more potent cyber-attacks. As AI increasingly integrates into our daily lives there is a need to ensure that AI technologies are developed and used safely. The overlap between AI and cybersecurity raises a number of challenges, some of which could be addressed through effective regulation.


The round table will contribute to global discussions on cybersecurity regulation for robust AI with a focus on practical suggestions for cybersecurity.




Welcome & Introduction

Moderator - Daria Tsafrir-Haskin , Legal Advisor , Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD)

Moderator - Cedric Sabbah , Director, Emerging Technologies , Ministry of Justice


Panel discussion

William Bartholomew , Security Strategy Director , Microsoft

Amit Ashkenazi , Former Head , Legal Department of the INCD ; Research Fellow , Shamgar Center

Dimple Shah , Senior Director for Global Data and Technology Policy , Honeywell Corporation

Harley Geiger , Counsel , Venable LLP

Oleg Brodt , Head of R&D and Innovation , Cyber@Ben Gurion University

Josef Gedalyahu , Director of Technology & Regulatory Policy , Ministry of Justice

Naama Ben-Zvi , Director of Oversight & Compliance , Identity & Biometric Application Unit, INCD

Rob Strayer , Executive Vice President of Policy , Information Technology Industry Council