Advances in measuring the impact of cyber insecurity

Advances in measuring the impact of cyber insecurity

Roundtable | English

Monday, June 26th, 2023


- Naftali Building(Room 527)



Digital transformation poses severe challenges to traditional concepts and practices of economic measurement. So does cybersecurity, the flip side of the digital transformation coin. Policymakers, scholars, and corporate managers in advanced economies, as in developing countries lack reliable quantification of cyber incident occurrence, let alone their risk and impacts.


Cyber Week is pleased to bring together researchers at the cutting edge of economics of cybersecurity. Scholars and practitioners from the World Bank, Tel Aviv University and others, and the commercial sector will share their latest research on measuring and costing global cyber incidents.




Opening Remarks

Moderator - Dr. Lior Tabansky , Head of Cyber Research Development , Blavatnik ICRC, Tel Aviv University


Measuring and costing cybersecurity incidents

Estefania Vergara Cobos , Economist, Chief Economist's Office , The World Bank


Empirically evaluating the effect of security precautions on cyber incidents

Prof. Neil Gandal , Professor, Berglas School of Economics , Tel Aviv University


The principles and methods of measuring and assessing the resilience and robustness of cyber systems

Iddo Bar-Noy , Head of Research, Technology Division , Israel National Cyber Directorate