Israel Aviation Cybersecurity Summit (IACS) II

Time for Takeoff

Israel Aviation Cybersecurity Summit (IACS) II


Thursday, June 30th, 2022


- Senate Building(Jaglom Auditorium)


The second Israel Aviation Cybersecurity Summit will be held on June 30th, 2022, led by the Israel National Cyber Directorate, the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel, and Israel Airports Authority. The in-person, full-day event will take place at Tel Aviv University as a side event to Cyber Week 2022.


Cyber Week is a leading international cybersecurity event by Blavatnik ICRC at Tel Aviv University.


This year's event's theme is "Time for Takeoff". With COVID-19 finally showing signs of decline, the global aviation industry is again ready to take off. In parallel, efforts to incorporate cybersecurity as an integral part of aviation safety and operational continuity are gaining momentum with both regulators and industry.


We will focus on the practicalities of implementing cybersecurity in the recovering aviation sector. How do we move from the planning stage to implementation? What are the challenges we face, and what are some of the emerging solutions?



Who should attend?


CIOs/CISOs/CTOs of Airports, Airlines, Aviation Industry and Academic & Research centers. Policy makers of National and international aviation organizations and regulators.





Gathering & Registration


Opening Remarks

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel , Conference Chairman , Cyber Week ; Director , Blavatnik ICRC, Tel Aviv University

Gaby Portnoy , Director General , Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD)

Anne Neuberger , Deputy Assistant to the President & Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber & Emerging Technologies , White House

Tamir Goren , Director, Strategic Programs , Israel National Cyber Directorate


Panel I – Confronting the Aviation Cyber Threat Post COVID-19

Moderator - Dadi Gertler , Executive Director of Technology Systems , Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD)

Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Joel Feldschuh , Director General , Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI

Larry Grossman , Senior Cybersecurity Technical Advisor for Cybersecurity , Federal Aviation Administration

Ido Nehushtan , President , Boeing Israel

Brian Connolly , Vice President, Chief Engineer for Product Security , Boeing Company


Lecture I: INCD Aviation Threat Intelligence Desk Update

Galit Gybuch , Intelligence Team Leader , INCD


Lecture II: Upcoming European Regulation -- Part-IS Explained

Gian Andrea Bandieri , Section Manager – Cybersecurity in Aviation , European Union Aviation Safety Agency


Lecture II: The State of Aviation Cybersecurity in the USA

Timothy Weston , Director, Strategy and Performance , Transportation Security Administration (TSA)




Lecture IV: From the Lab – Aviation Cybersecurity Research

Mr. Giorgio Tresoldi, Head of International Relations, Cyber-Defense Campus (Switzerland)


Lecture V: Building Cybersecurity at Supersonic Speed

Chris Roberts , CISO, Senior Director , Boom Supersonic


Panel II: Aircraft Cybersecurity

Moderator - Capt. Shai Gil , COO and Accountable Manager, Challenge Airlines IL, Tel Aviv , Flight Safety Foundation, Washington, DC ; Governor

Sean R. Sullivan , Chief Engineer, Cabin, Network Systems, Product Security , Boeing

Aviel Tenenbaum , CEO , Cyviation

Baruch Bloch , Manager, Aircraft Certification Department , CAAI


Lecture VI: Methods of Protecting Critical Airport Systems

Zohar Ben David , Head of Guidance and Robustness Department , Critical Infrastructures Division, INCD


Lecture VII: Setting up a National Transportation SOC

Ortal Niv , Head of Cyber Unit , Israel MoT

Roni Tidhar , Head of Int'l Consulting Services & (Act.) Cyber Security Director , Israel Airports Authority


Closing Remarks




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