FraudCON Virtual

FraudCON Virtual


Monday, June 27th, 2022


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FraudCON Virtual is back in full force! The much anticipated third season of FraudCON War Stories explores new frontiers and uncharted depths. Watch hair raising tales about advanced scams from the leading social networks and the biggest online retailers, track the mysterious trail of transactions leading to a huge, fiery explosion in a Middle East capital, and hear from some of the best cybercrime fighters in the field.



The Mysterious Money Trails of the Beirut Explosion

Ray Blake , Director , The Dark Money Files Limited

Graham Barrow , Director , The Dark Money Files Limited


Scam Fighting Arc

The global war on Scams is fought in multiple frontiers. In this unique arc of war stories we’ll hear from top tier banks, retailers and social media companies!


Targeted Seniors

Brad Haacke, MBA, CFE , Vice President, Financial Crimes Manager , Fifth Third Bank


Always look a Gift (Card) Horse in the Mouth

Claire Rushton , Senior Director, Crimes Against the Business , Walmart

Nathan Olds , Senior Director, Global Consumer Fraud , Walmart


When Social Media Joins the Good Fight

Lloyd Temple , Financial Crimes Investigator , TikTok


When Cyber Criminals Mis-Behave: Behavioural SCA

Gemma Staite , Threat Analytics Lead , BioCatch