Data Protection: Predicting and Managing the Path Forward

Data Protection: Predicting and Managing the Path Forward


Tuesday, June 28th, 2022


- Senate Building(Jaglom Auditorium)



With ad tech under pressure and platform regulations reshaping the landscape - is there a path forward for trusted uses of data for innovation.





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Panel: The Future of Digital Advertising: Regulators, Platforms and the Path Forward

Moderator - Jules Polonetsky , CEO , Future of Privacy Forum ; Co-Founder , Israel Tech Policy Institute

Noah Joshua Phillips , Commissioner , Federal Trade Commission

Jane Horvath , Chief Privacy Officer , Apple, Inc.

Leor Hurwitz , General Counsel , AppsFlyer

Dr. Anna Zeiter , Associate General Counsel, Data Protection Officer & Chief Privacy Officer , eBay Inc.

Over the past few years, digital advertising has become a lightning rod for critics who claim it enables a surveillance economy, aggravates social biases and corrupts our democratic process. Lawmakers, regulators and platforms have focused efforts on reining in the excesses of the digital advertising ecosystem and empowering consumers to take control of their data and digital identity. At the same time, digital advertising is expanding to new technological realms, transcending the online and mobile environment into extended reality, smart home devices, connected vehicles and the metaverse. In this session, we discuss the future of digital advertising, the role of regulation by policymakers and platforms and the implication of new technological paradigms.


International Data Flows: From Legal Restrictions to Sufficient Safeguards

Moderator - Lore Leitner , Partner , Goodwin

Bruno Gencarelli , Head of Unit for International Data Flows and Protection , EU Commission

Keith Enright , Chief Privacy Officer , Google

David Hoffman , Steed Family Professor of the Practice of Cybersecurity Policy , Sanford School of Public Policy

Shana Gillers , Chief Privacy Officer , TransUnion

The recent diplomatic agreement between the U.S. and EU about a new “Privacy Shield” may inject fresh optimism into the framework for global data flows. Yet challenges remain for companies that have to navigate in a fast evolving environment, where many countries – from China and India to Brazil – are putting in place rules around sharing data across borders. How can Israeli or global companies best comply with the dynamic global data transfer framework? Will multilateral efforts succeed in lowering restrictions on data sharing among governments, businesses and researchers, while ensuring credible privacy protections? How will new technological changes affect the policies around data transfers.


Award ceremony and discussion: Amit Ashkenazi - A career in public service at the intersection of data, privacy and cybersecurity

After more than 20 years of public service, Amit Ashkenazi, most recently the Head of the Legal Department at the Cyber Directorate, will receive an achievement award from FPF/ITPI. With experience in the Ministry of Justice Legislation and Counseling department, and as the first head of the Legal Department at the Privacy Protection Authority, Amit has unique experience at the cutting edge of privacy, cybersecurity and law and technology, both domestically and on the global stage. In a conversation with Omer Tene, Amit reflects on his experiences in the public sector and Israel’s progress toward a cybersecurity policy that respects privacy and civil rights.

Award presentation: Jules Polonetsky, FPF/ITPI
Discussion: Omer Tene, ITPI and Goodwin, and Amit Ashkenazi

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