Privacy, Security and Competition in a Digital Economy

Privacy, Security and Competition in a Digital Economy

Conference | Free | English

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020


Tel Aviv University - Recanati Building(Leon Auditorium)


Over the past few decades, technology companies have created immense economic value through advances in computing and communications, the Internet and mobile, connected devices and the Internet of Things. These innovations have revolutionized industry sectors ranging from telecoms and media to healthcare, finance, transportation and retail, generating unique benefits for individuals as well as for companies, governments and society at large. Yet with critics warning about the growth of tech companies to unprecedented size, policymakers have begun to consider the effect of new platforms and business models on competition, the economy, politics and speech. This debate enriches the already robust discussion about the implications of data-rich technologies for privacy and security. In this session, policymakers, industry leaders and academics discuss the effects of the digital economy on privacy, security and competition. They assess ways to regulate tech innovators to protect rights of individuals and new upstarts without sacrificing progress and economic growth.

As keynote lecturers discuss privacy and regulation, featured panels will shed their knowledge and expertise on the significance of these issues. 

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