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Monday, June 24th, 2019


Tel Aviv University - Naftali Building(Room 318)


Application upon approval only.


Test your skills and compete in detecting and responding to a real-life, simulated cyberattack.
The Cyber Range Challenge will place you in a simulated SOC, powered by Cyberbit Range, the world-leading cybersecurity simulation and training platform. You will confront an advanced attack machine simulating a multi-stage, evasive attack. The attack is designed by Cyberbit threat researchers, challenging your detection, analysis and teamwork skills.

You will use market-leading security tools, including a SIEM, endpoint security system and network analysis tools to detect, investigate, mitigate and remediate the attack. The session is aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

Cybersecurity instructors will be on-ground to provide feedback and allow you to learn and improve your skills during this process.

You will compete with global leading security practitioners to be the first to complete the challenge and win a prize!

Session space is limited, and demand is high. Please book in advance!


Who Should Attend

The workshop is designed for a broad set of roles and skill levels, to best utilize your capabilities, whether beginner or advanced.

The session is ideal for tier 2 and 1 SOC analysts, forensic analysts, CSIRT team members and similar roles.

Executive level participants are welcome to participate, watch the attack unfold, provide their feedback or follow their team’s performance.


Why You Should Attend

  1. Experience a multi-stage simulated cyberattack
  2. Improve your detection and response skills in an immersive, hands-on workshop
  3. Understand your gaps and get valuable tips from professional cybersecurity instructors
  4. Collaborate with leading security practitioners from all over the world
  5. Improve your teamwork capabilities and the use of cybersecurity products


What You will Practice

The training session will address multiple aspects of the incident response process, starting with the challenges of detecting an evasive attack, to investigation, response and remediation.

Sample skills and tools that will be practiced are: Windows forensics, firewall management, network forensics, endpoint security and Sysinternals Suite, process investigation and traffic investigation.

You are not required to be experienced with all these skills and utilize them during the training. You will have the opportunity to practice the ones that are most appropriate for you.

In addition to technical skills you will practice and learn about various aspects of teamwork and communications during an incident response process.

The workshop will be hosted by experienced cybersecurity instructors, who will guide you throughout the session and provide real-time feedback, tips and insights.


What You Should Provide:

Nothing! We will provide you with a workstation that will connect to the Cyber Range environment and security tools.  


About the Cyberbit Range Platform

Cyberbit Range is the market leading cybersecurity training and simulation platform. It is used to train Israeli cyber defenders, the Australian DoD security teams, and thousands of industry and government security practitioners throughout North America, Europe and Asia, in simulated cyberattacks. It is also used by higher education institutions to enable hands-on cybersecurity degree programs. Cyberbit Range provides a hyper-realistic simulation experience that mirrors a real-world SOC to dramatically upskill security teams’ performance during an attack.





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