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Cloud Security Workshop

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Sunday, June 23rd, 2019


Tel Aviv University - HaMiflat


Price: $1100


This includes: classroom, class-book, certified instructor from the CSA, 2 vouchers for the CCSK exam


About CCSK Foundation
The world leading Cloud Computing Security Knowledge (CCSK) certification is provided by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). The certification covers all major aspects in cloud security, including risk management, provider evaluation, infrastructure and application security, identity management and much more. During the based on the CSA best practices class, students will learn about the 14 main domains of cloud security.

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During this Cloud Security training course, students will build a deeper understanding of:

- Cloud computing: characteristics, resources, service models and security considerations.

- Creating and Securing a Public Cloud Instance: implementation of one or several cloud service models and its impact on security, what to expect from providers.

- Risk, Governance and Compliance: considerations towards Cloud solutions.

- Securing Data in the Public Cloud: data storage options, moving data throughout the management, lifecycle and encryption architectures.

- Securing Users and Applications in the Cloud: inclusion of the provider in the threat assessment, testing implications, Identity Management standards.

- Creating and Securing Private Cloud: virtualization security concepts, managed internally or externally, on or off site.


Who Should Attend?
Please note, that the Cloud Security training course is aimed at security professionals, IT managers, and others, interested in expanding their cloud security knowledge. Thus, previous knowledge of security fundamentals, such as firewalls, encryption, secure development, and identity management is required.


This course is divided into 6 modules covering the 14 domains of the CSA Guidance and the ENISA Cloud Computing: Benefits, Risks and Recommendations for Information Security. For full syllabus follow the link>>>


About the instructor

Moshe Ferber is a Cloud Computing security evangelist, entrepreneur and popular industry speaker. Working on promoting responsible adoption of cloud computing.

In relation with CCSK, Mr. Ferber is a certified trainer since 2012 and one of the most active instructors for CCSK certification worldwide. Experienced in delivering training for Fortune500 as well as young startups and government bodies by various delivery methods. Mr. Ferber is also a major contributor to CSA Research and working groups, member of the CCSP foundation committee and Chairman of the Israeli chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance.


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Cancellation policy:

  1. Please note that the workshop requires a minimum of 10 registrants in order to take place. Otherwise, the workshop will be cancelled
  2. 100% refund is guaranteed only if the event is cancelled by the organizer
  3. There is a 50% cancellation fee if you cancel up to 14 days prior to the workshop
  4. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to the workshop, you will be charged for the full price of the workshop
  5. The deadline for registration is the 15th of June, 2019




Gathering & Refreshments


Module 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing


Module 2: Infrastructure Security for Cloud Computing




Module 3: Managing Cloud Security and Risk


Module 4: Data Security for Cloud Computing


Coffee Break


Module 5: Application Security and Identity Management for Cloud Computing


Module 6: Selecting Cloud Services


Questions and Preparation

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