Cloud Security Alliance Summit

Cloud Security Alliance Summit

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Monday, June 24th, 2019


Tel Aviv University - Mexico Building(Fastlicht Auditorium)


The Cloud Security Alliance is holding its first global conference in Israel with the CSA EMEA Summit @ Cyber Week 2019. The Summit will be held on June 24th at Tel Aviv University and will feature key thought leaders from around the world. The CSA EMEA Summit will explore critical issues such as Designing Mission Critical Clouds, Enterprise Cloud Security Lessons Learned, GDPR and many other topics. We will also explore new frontiers that are accelerating change in information security, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and IoT. On June 24th, ground zero for cloud security will be Tel Aviv and the CSA EMEA Summit @ Cyber Week 2019.





Gathering & Refreshments


First Session


CSA Summit & Welcome

Moshe Ferber , Entrepreneur, Investor, ; Popular Industry Speaker, and Cloud Security Evangelist


Trust in Cloud by Certification

Damir Savanovic , Senior Innovation Analyst , Cloud Security Alliance


Cyber Security Risks in Supply Chain: Nation Level Guidelines and Course of Action

Yuval Segev , Head of Methodology Center , Israel National Cyber Directorate


Coffee Break


Second Session


The Problem of Cloud Trustworthiness, How to Design & Develop Next Generation of Trustworthy Cloud Services

Boris Giterman , Director, Software Engineering , Dell EMC


Vendor Risk Management: Overcoming Today’s Most Common Security & Privacy Challenges

Ian Evans , Managing Director , EMEA


Israel Innovation and Cloud Computing

Ofer Smadari , CEO , Luminate Security, Symantec


Lunch Break


Third Session


The Cloud First Strategy to Enable the Italian Government Digitalization

Dr. Nicola Sfondrini , Vice President , Cloud Security Alliance


Cloud Audit & Forensics

Ivan Robles , Information Security Senior Presales , SOTHIS


Security at Internet/ Large-Scale User’s Companies

Eitan Satmary , Cyber and Information Security Manager ,


Coffee Break


Fourth Session


The Future of Cybersecurity will be found at the Intersection of Cloud and Blockchain

Damir Savanovic , Senior Innovation Analyst , Cloud Security Alliance


Cloud Octagon model: Cloud Security Risk Management in Financial Services

Olaf Streutker , CISO Strategic Advisor , ABN AMRO Bank


Cloud Security: Myths & Opportunities

Tim Rains , Regional Leader, Security & Compliance Business Acceleration Worldwide Public Sector , Amazon Web Services


Closing Remarks

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