Speed of Light

Moving Transportation to Cyberspace

Speed of Light

Conference | Free | English

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018


Tel Aviv University - Senate Building(Jaglom Auditorium)


The digital era we are living in is leading to exciting technological developments, but at the same time, these developments are allowing for perhaps the scariest hacking scenarios conceivable. Space exploration, air traffic control, marine travel, and the entire automotive ecosystem are digitized, connected, and exposed.

The age of Smart Mobility brings the world of transportation into cyber space, disrupting economics, reinventing the technologies, and redefining the infrastructures we’ve utilized for over 100 years. These rapid changes are hurtling humanity forward at an increasingly accelerating rate, into a future where cybersecurity plays a key role in ensuring the reliability, availability and safety of travel.





Gathering & Registration


Opening Remarks

Chris Roberts, Chief Geek - Hillbilly Hit Squad


Mobility & Data: Why are we Here?

Chris Roberts, Chief Geek - Hillbilly Hit Squad


Weaponizing Mobility

Ilan Graicer, Entrepreneur, Cyber Security Specialist, Game Designer, Maker and Wildlife Photographer. -


Panel : System of Systems

Moderator :Chris Roberts, Chief Geek - Hillbilly Hit Squad

Ami Daniel, Co-Founder & CEO - WINDWARD

Col. (Ret.) Ophir Bear, CEO - Cympire

Major General (Ret.) Ido Nehushtan, Former Commander, IAF, Founder and Chairman, ACS -

Nir Ayalon, Founder & CEO - Cydome Security

Yariv Bash, Co-founder and CEO - Flytrex Aviation Ltd.


Coffee Break


Session: Railway

Moderator :Chris Roberts, Chief Geek - Hillbilly Hit Squad

Israel Baron, CISO - Israel Railways Ltd

Miki Shifman, Co-Founder and VP R&D - Cylus

Sharvind Appiah, Managing Director - Shawne Applebee



Moderator :Boaz Mamo, Co-Founder & CEO - Drive

Andrey Eidelman, Security Architect - Gett

Laila Ahddar, Head of Cyber Security - Renault-Nissan Alliance

Nir Halachmi, Director of Network Research Product Management - Huawei

Ori Asias, CIO - ECI Telecom


Lunch Break


Car Hacking Demo

Tal Ben David, VP R&D & Co-Founder - Karamba


Automotive Security

Inbar Raz, Security Architect - Argus Cyber Security


Workshop: From Farm to Table: Hacking Humans through Food Networks

Chris Roberts, Chief Geek - Hillbilly Hit Squad


Q&A Session

Moderator :Chris Roberts, Chief Geek - Hillbilly Hit Squad

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Speed of Light