Convergence between Cyber and Electronic Warfare Roundtable

Convergence between Cyber and Electronic Warfare Roundtable


Tuesday, June 19th, 2018


Tel Aviv University - Naftali Building(Room 527)


One of the main areas of interest in 2018 is how cyber and EW can be utilized in sync in order to achieve battlefield supremacy. The fields of cyber warfare and electronic warfare have many similarities. Electronic warfare (EW) is generally a coarser tool, seeking to achieve the "five D's" - Deny, Disrupt, Destroy, Degrade, and Deceive. These effects are generally achieved through interacting with enemy radio-frequency (RF) systems. Cyber warfare seeks to have a similar, but more targeted, effect on computer systems, networks, and applications. The field of information operations (IO) seeks to influence the person sitting behind the keyboard.

In the framework of the Cyber Week conference, IAI's Cyber Division will lead a close, intimate round table regarding  the "Convergence between Cyber and Electronic Warfare". The open dialogue will be held on the following topics:

  1. What consists a "cyber attack" - CNE, CNA, CNI
  2. Legal & Regulatory framework
  3. The communality with EW
  4. Global trends
  5. Retaliation, Deterrence, Collateral Damage


Representatives from several countries will participate in the meeting.





Agenda Coming Soon

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