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PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister, Israel

Ygal Unna_b

Yigal Unna

Director General, Israel National Cyber Directorate


Major Gen. (Ret.) Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel

Director Blavatnik ICRC Tel Aviv University

Marina Kaljurand_c

Ambassador Marina Kaljurand

Former Estonian Foreign Minister


Joseph S. Nye

University Distinguished Service Professor and former Dean Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government


Tom Fanning

Chairman, President, and CEO, Southern Company

Michael DeCesare_b

Michael DeCesare

Chief Executive Officer and President, ForeScout


Chris Young

CEO, McAfee


Bruce Schneier

Fellow Harvard Kennedy School of Government Internationally Renowned Security Technologist


Chris Roberts

Chief Security Architect Acalvio Technologies

“We’ve got to move to some kind of cognitive computational system that integrates machine learning, A.I., and an expert system. And we’ve got to have the ability to see events that hit each company , and share them across companies within a sector to get sector-wide visibility and protection ,and then share sector information with other sectors and the government for a comprehensive program. This is technically possible and it’ll happen.”
Keith Alexander, CEO and president of IronNet, and former director the National Security Agency
“Cyberspace has no boundaries. Nations increasingly have the ability to steal sensitive information, alter data, destroy systems, and the trend is heading in the wrong direction.”
Thomas Bossert, Homeland Security Advisor to President Donald Trump
“When you think about the threats we’re facing, that’s where they are- attacks against elections, attacks against integrity. There’s someone manipulating the data. These things are going to become true, and very real, and very physical. There’s a world of difference between your spreadsheet crashes and you lose your data, or your car crashes and you lose your life. It might be same CPU, the same software, the same vulnerability, but wildly different consequences.”
Bruce Schneier, Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School of Government; Internationally Renowned Security Technologist
“Every essential service of all of our countries has been concentrated onto one infrastructure; that’s why it’s a security conversation. We can’t afford for that one infrastructure to become fragile or less resilient.”
Melissa Hathaway, President of Hathaway Global Strategies, LLC and Former Cyber-security Advisor to President George W. Bush
“We need to communicate and collaborate better. We obviously need to take a look at deceptive tech...we need to take a look at addressing organizations and we need to educate them and get them to listen... This gathering that we have here has the power to do so much good. Do some good, get out, communicate, collaborate.”
Chris Roberts, Chief Security Architect, Acalvio Technologies
“Whenever technology interfaces with base human behavior, the result is an amplification and an escalation. From a scientific point of view, this points to the mutation of behavior in cyber contexts… if we can figure out this amplification, then we can also figure out how to de-escalate.”
Mary Aiken, prominent forensic cyberpsychologist

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