Cyber Week
June 25-29, 2017
Welcome to Yuval Ne'eman workshop
Welcome to Yuval Ne'eman workshop
Welcome to Yuval Ne'eman workshop
Welcome to Yuval Ne'eman workshop
Welcome to Yuval Ne'eman workshop
Welcome to Yuval Ne'eman workshop
Welcome to Yuval Ne'eman workshop
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Brigadier Mag. Ing.
Hermann Kaponig
Cyber Coordinator
Ministry of Defense

Brigadier Hermann KAPONIG was born in KLAGENFURT in 1963. After graduating from the higher technical college for weapon engineering in FERLACH in 1982, he completed his training as a one-year volunteer in the infantry branch of the Austrian Armed Forces in VILLACH, KLAGENFURT, WOLFSBERG and SPITTAL an der DRAU. He continued to serve as an officer with a fixed-term contract, working as a deputy platoon commander in 26th High Mountain Infantry Battalion in SPITTAL an der DRAU for one year.
After his three-year career officer training for the logistics/technology branch at the Theresan Military Academy in WR. NEUSTADT (class PREDIL), Mr. KAPONIG was promoted to lieutenant in 1987 and transferred to the 9th Armoured Infantry Brigade.
Until 1995, Mr. KAPONIG served as technical officer, platoon commander, deputy company commander and company commander in various command functions. This period was only once interrupted by a MIDDLE EAST mission 1990/1991, during which he served as deputy company commander in the UNDOF/AUSBATT.
Apart from his career advancement courses (Command Course 1, Parts 1 and 2, Staff Course 1), Mr. KAPONIG completed further training courses nationally and internationally, especially in the field of Logistics (S4-Officers Course in Austria, UN Logistics Officer Course, UN Observer Course).
Still a young captain, Mr. KAPONIG gained a lot of experience in all areas of Supply and Logistics as the S4-officer of the 9th Armoured Battalion (the command and supply unit of then 9th Armoured Infantry Battalion) and, later, as the S4-officer of 3rd Logistics Regiment.
KAPONIG used the opportunity to widen this experience, when he was appointed “Senior Staff Officer Transport and Movement“ within the framework of the UN-Standby High Readiness Brigade (UN/SHIRBRIG), with headquarters in KOPENHAGEN/DENMARK. There he participated in international staff training courses and exercises throughout several years.
From 1998, Major KAPONIG gained experience in the Ministry of Defence as the head of the Technical Training Section of the MoD’s Central Division of Defence Technology.
Furthermore, as of 2000, he completed the 16th General Staff Course at the National Defence Academy Vienna, and also underwent the diploma course “Military National Defence“– Higher Command“ at the University of Vienna.
In 2003, KAPONIG was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the General Staff and posted to the Provincial Command of Lower Austria in Sankt Pölten. Later, Lieutenant Colonel (GS) Mag. Ing. KAPONIC was assigned to the Fundamental Planning Division of the MoD Planning Staff as Desk Officer Defence Planning, Interoperability and Standardisation. He contributed to the work of AAF Reform Commission regarding AAF development (“ÖBH 2010“), holding a responsible function in “Subject Area 2 – Defence Planning“.
From 2003 to 2005, Colonel (GS) Mag. Ing. KAPONIC time and again temporarily served as “Primary Augmentee“ on the operation command echelon, in the function of “Branch Chief CJ9/CIMIC at the “Response Forces Operations Command“ in ULM, GERMANY.
From 2004, KAPONIG was assigned to the Cabinet as advisor to the Federal Minister of Defence in the field of “Planning and Armament“. In this function he was responsible for planning, armament and procurement as well as for matters pertaining to personnel, budget and Court of Audit. In 2006 he was appointed Head of the MoDS Training Division B.
Afterwards, KAPONIG again headed the Planning and Armament Section in the Cabinet of the Federal Minister of Defence and Sports in Vienna. As of 2007 he was appointed Brigadier.
From 2012 to 2013, Brigadier KAPONIG was the head of the AAF Command Support Centre.
As of August 2013, Brigadier KAPONIC was appointed Head Logistics Directorate (the MoDS’s largest directorate, comprising six divisions: Armaments Policy, Logistics Planning and Coordination, Military Medical, Central Technical Affairs, Materiel Management) within the General Staff in VIENNA.
At the beginning of 2014, he was also appointed head of the “Vereinigte Altösterreichische Militärstiftungen“.
From Spring 2014 to 2015, Brigadier KAPONIG was appointed representative of the Federal Ministry of Defence and Sports for the overall national planning process by the Office of the Federal Government concerning the field of “SUPPORT“.
Brigadier KAPONIG is, in addition to his function as “MoD Logistics Director“. also well aware of the fields of armament and procurement. In 2014, he participated, among others, in the international high-level armament seminar “European Seminar for Top Armaments Manager Personnel“ (EuroSTAMP 14) in BERLIN.
From October 2014 to June 2016, the Minister appointed him“MoDS Commissioner for Mobility“. Moreover, in August 2015, the Chief of Defence Staff appointed him as the responsible of the of ALLENTSTEIG training area.
In September and October 2015, Brigadier KAPONIG was invited by the German Bundeswehr as the Austrian participant to the international high-level seminar for security politics “International Higher Command“ at the Command Academy of the Bundeswehr in HAMBURG.
As of March 2016, Brigadier KAPONIG was detailed in the process of the latest Austrian Armed Forces reform (“National Defence 21.1“) as sub-project manager and, as of August 2016, as the responsible for the implementation of the planned Joint Command Support Command and Cyber Defence. As of 1 November 2016, he was entrusted with heading the Command Support Centre (precursor organisation of Command Support and Cyber Defence Command).
In January 2017, Brigadier KAPONIG was appointed as the “MoDS Cyber Coordinator“.

Brigadier Hermann KAPONIG is married with a teacher, and he is the father of an adult son (24) and a daughter (22). His place of residence is in ENZESFELD- LINDABRUNN in the Province of LOWER AUSTRIA.

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