5th Annual International Cybersecurity Conference

June 22nd-25th, 2015 Smolarz Auditorium, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Guy Mizrahi

guy mCEO, Cyberia advanced cyber solutions (IAI's Cyber accessibility center).
Founder, CyberHat.

Guy Mizrahi is 41 years old with more than 20 years of experience in the cyber domain.
Guy is the CEO and founder of Cyberia, IAI (Israel Aerospace Industry) Cyber accessibility Center and founder of Cyber-Hat, a leading cyber security services company that specialise in intelligence services.
In the past Guy was the head of Elbit systems cyber research team and a special consultant to the military intelligence.
Guy is considered one of the most known cyber professionals in Israel, he is one of the experts in the area of cyber intelligence, cyber crime, the DarkNet and cyber hacktivists groups (like anonymous).